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Purchasing Allopurinol with no prescription online

If you would like to purchase a highly efficient drug that will get the job done for you, please follow the link under this article to get to the pharmacy that we selected for your pleasure and convenience. At that pharmacy anyone can buy allopurinol online without prescription and be sure it's of the finest quality possible - and isn't that the most important thing after all?


Allopurinol: buy in UK or Australia any time cheap

With online pharmacies widely available, you can buy allopurinol 20 mg without prescription any moment you like (or any other dosage for that matter). Many people wonder just how much they could be paying if they decided to see their doctor and get a prescription to purchase this medicine at the local pharmacy. The truth is, all pharmacies have their prices and terms, so the prices may vary, but generally in the US you could easily have to shell out a few thousand dollars for your treatment course. When you order allopurinol online with no prescription, the cost is mere hundreds, plus the added convenience of ordering it online.


Generic vs. brand name allopurinol

generic allopurinol has the same side effects as the brand name kind you would get at your local pharmacy - you may experience drowsiness, changes in your sense of smell, headache, diarrhea and stomach upset. An over the counter drug like that made by a different manufacturer will have the same chemical composition - which means you could be paying less for the same quality medicine. Online allopurinol is in no way worse in quality than the fanciest most expensive brand name alternative from your local pharmacy.


Allopurinol: dosage increase and maintenance dose

The available dosages of allopurinol are 100 mg, 300 mg and 500 mg. For gout, a regular initial dose is 100 mg once a day, although some categories of patients may need to be started on a lower dosage or take two doses of 50 mg a day. The dose is increased until the serum uric levels drop lower than 6 mg/dl. The average maintenance dose is 200 mg to 300 mg orally, taken once a day.


What you need to keep in mind when you buy allopurinol with no rx

Online pharmacies are great when it comes to ordering pharmaceuticals at a more affordable price. However, there may be some questions that you need answered before or during your treatment. Many good pharmacies that you visit looking to buy allopurinol online with no prescription cheap can actually help you out by offering the services of medical staff that can answer some questions and put your mind at ease. For instance, some people may want to know allopurinol dosage for PE (off label use), while others might be worried about potential contraindications and interactions. There is however always the option of talking to your medical professional in person - just to be on the safe side.