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Valtrex is a highly efficient antiviral medicine that stops the spreading of the herpes virus in the body. Unlike commonly thought, Valtrex does not kill the virus and cure the infection. Instead, it slows down the spread of the virus and helps your body deal with it better. You may be taking Valtrex for cold sores, chickenpox and genital herpes. It's important to remember than when taking Valtrex, you are still highly contagious. In case of genital herpes, that means using a condom and abstaining from any contact that may lead to the partner being infected. Show Price!

Since herpes is quite an embarrassing condition, not too many people are willing to purchase the drug at their local pharmacy. It's much better when you can buy Valtrex online without having to go anywhere and even see a doctor. Your herpes infection is something that stays with you forever, which means you may need to treat it from time to time to make the symptoms go away. To be able to lessen the symptoms, you need a reliable source of high quality generic Valtrex.

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